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Your partner in tea since 1950!

Our Clients

Our clients come to us because our experience in tea is unparalleled. World-class companies value our commitment to service, our extensive range of solutions, and the value of direct access to tea ingredients and manufacturing solutions. Firsd Tea offers an extended scope of service beyond the boundaries of the tea industry.

We Service:

Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) brands often seek a wide spectrum of Firsd services, including sourcing, procurement, formulation & blending, and packaging.

Large scale tea importers and wholesalers come to Firsd to create value and control costs by reducing middle-men, securing timely delivery, and getting greater assurance of quality and freshness.

Supermarket, restaurant, and hotel chain accounts look for the best value in private label services, including the formulation of tea blends, packaging design and development, and timely production scheduling. Firsd offers more direct control over all of the stages of private label development.

Many other businesses engage Firsd to provide tea and tea-related solutions. Let us find the best way to support your business growth.


Companies Come to Firsd Tea for Solutions in:

Private Label– including hot teas, iced teas, specialty teas, RTD, and tea ingredients for food and health & beauty applications.

Procurement – teas and tea ingredients from China and beyond.

Product Development– working with Firsd also means access to Zhejiang Tea Group’s decaffeination (1 of only 2 CO2 decaffeinators in China), blending and extract capabilities, and R&D facilities.

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