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Your partner in tea since 1950!

USDA Organic, Firsd Tea Quality
Kosher Certified, Firsd Tea Quality
JAS Organic, Firsd Tea Quality
Rain Forest Alliance Certified, Firsd Tea Social Responsibility

EU Organic, Firsd Tea Quality

Firsd gives clients access to the highest levels of transparency and traceability to comply with quality and product safety standards. We provide complete, convenient access to certificates of analysis (COA), lab testing, and the full range of documentation.

Our testing, certifications, and documentation make it easy to comply

with the FDA Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA)


Through our parent company (ZJ Tea), we have a history of over 70 years of unwavering commitment to quality. Firsd offers products and services compliant with:

Quality Control director within our U.S. office
USDA organic certification
Rainforest Alliance certification
KOF-K certification
Fair Trade certified trader and certified teas
EU organic certification
JAS organic certification
ISO 9001

We recognize that our products not only bear our name and reputation but are adopted into our customer’s offerings and must also represent their brand and values. We very much regard our responsibility to both our customers and consumer welfare. Our clients rate us as industry leaders in QA compliance and transparency.

In addition to robust quality measures present at all Zhejiang Tea Group farms, factories and processing facilities, we also have an appointed Quality Control director within our U.S. office.

We work closely with the Rainforest Alliance and Fair Trade to ensure the industry is fair and advantageous to all parties involved. Firsd Tea excels in providing transparency in terms of certifications, lab testing, and thorough documentation of quality.