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Social Responsibility

Rain Forest Alliance Certified, Firsd Tea Social Responsibility
Social responsibility is a critical value within our organizational culture. Our regard for people and planet is reflected in the ways we treat our farmers as well as the land on which they work. To demonstrate our commitment to social responsibility, we are proud to offer tea from Rainforest Alliance Certified™ farms.

The Rainforest Alliance supports both farmers and environment in the following ways:


In addition to our Rainforest Alliance certification, we work closely with the Ethical Tea Partnership to ensure the tea industry is fair and advantageous to all parties involved. We strive to improve the social and environmental conditions for families, communities and businesses with which we partner.


Here are just a few of the many standards:

For more information on the Ethical Tea Partnership, http://www.ethicalteapartnership.org/


The tea industry is already over 4,000 years old. Over the past 65 years, our company has cultivated not only tea leaves, but has helped nurture and develop the industry itself. We care not only for our legacy but the legacy of the tea industry as a whole.

The Chinese culture deeply regards ancestry. Respect for elders and the work they have accomplished is paramount. The American culture regards posterity, passing down a legacy onto future generations. The integration of these ideals begets sustainability, the drive to produce growth without depleting resources for future generations.

We have declared sustainability a top organizational priority. All of our affiliated estates, tea plantations and offices must meet specific sustainability standards. In addition to our internal dedication and insistence that sustainability is a priority in all our business functions, we have worked with the Ethical Tea Partnership to develop the standard for the entire tea industry.