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Blending & Formulation

Leveraging the infrastructure and competencies of Zhejiang Tea Group (ZJT), Firsd Tea offers the highest level of blending and formulation capability for both hot tea and iced tea products. We work with our customers to first define the objectives and desired characteristics of the blend. Then we apply our skill as well as access to a broad, international network of ingredients suppliers. Once a formulation is finalized, we commence production, comparing product outcomes to defined standards to ensure consistency and quality.

In addition to Zhejiang Tea Group’s (ZJT) 10,000 high altitude tea farms and 10 tea processing factories, Firsd Tea also provides access to the world’s largest tea extraction facility capable of providing a host of tea extracts and ingredients. With a robust R&D as well as manufacturing capacity, ZJT also possesses internal labs to ensure effective quality control measures. This allows Firsd to deliver on a broad range of extraction capabilities, including:

Functional tea ingredients
Organic and conventional instant tea
Organic and conventional tea concentrates

Our tea extracts can find application in a variety of products including RTD Beverages, supplements, food products, pet food, cosmetics and can be customized to suit project requirements.

Functional Tea Ingredients

Applications for tea ingredients include functional foods and beverages, dietary supplements and cosmetics. Two high-demand, functional ingredients extracted from tea are polyphenols and L-theanine. Polyphenols are celebrated as potent antioxidants and are highly marketable. L-theanine is a naturally occurring amino acid in tea that has been documented to both increase focus and impart calm.

Firsd Tea Facilities in China Allow Us to Produce a Variety of Tea Extracts and Ingredients

Firsd Tea Produces a Variety of Tea Extracts and Ingredients

Tea Powder/Instant

Instant tea is essentially a powdered form of pure tea extract. Instant tea is created through brewing extraction and concentration procedures followed by a drying process. Additional processing methods are applied to ensure solubility in hot and/or cold water. Both spray drying and freeze drying are common processing methods: parameters and techniques will vary based on the desired specifications for solubility, powder density and other product requirements.

Liquid Tea Concentrate

Firsd Tea’s capability includes the manufacture of liquid tea concentrates. This form of extraction is achieved through brewing dry tea leaves by a solvent and then concentrating the solution into a pure extract. Firsd Tea only uses water as the solvent to ensure product quality and safety. Liquid tea concentrates retain the flavor, aroma and taste of fresh brewed tea, thus providing portability and convenience for a number of applications spanning RTD beverages, flavoring and various functional products. From high volume to single serve configurations, we have the capability to develop a variety of liquid tea concentrates.

Firsd Tea Lab, Extracts and Ingredients