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Shifts in packaged tea signal a changing landscape ahead for grocery tea shelves. Sales declines and new entrants

Beautiful Specialty Tea Beverage Innovations

One of the major drivers of out-of-home tea consumption is the specialty tea beverage. From the more familiar

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Cannabidiol (CBD) Tea

Product Description: Firsd Tea’s CBD tea is a blend of green tea, herbal ingredients, natural flavorings, and CBD.

Sapphire Blue

Product Description: Sapphire Blue employs the unique properties of the blue butterfly pea flower to create a naturally

Amethyst Butterfly

Product Description: Amethyst Butterfly tea dazzles the senses with a vibrant purple cup and a rich spectrum of

Emerald Green

Product Description: Emerald Green employs the unique properties of the blue butterfly pea flower and other ingredients to

Earl Grey – GTC Bronze

  Summary: Firsd Tea’s version of this classic tea shines with a burst of color from real orange peel