Making Sense of Tea Product Innovation

Packaging and promotion may turn heads and initiate first purchase, but the sensory experience of tea brings customers

Q & A with Meghan Labot: Branding & Packaging Design

The world of consumer brands is going through a time of change that is opening the door for

The Archetypes of Tea: the Visual Language of Private Label

– By Meghan Labot – The world of tea is full of rich experiences for every sense. Much

Cannabidiol (CBD) Tea

Product Description: Firsd Tea’s CBD tea is a blend of green tea, herbal ingredients, natural flavorings, and CBD.

Sapphire Blue

Product Description: Sapphire Blue employs the unique properties of the blue butterfly pea flower to create a naturally

Amethyst Butterfly

Product Description: Amethyst Butterfly tea dazzles the senses with a vibrant purple cup and a rich spectrum of

Emerald Green

Product Description: Emerald Green employs the unique properties of the blue butterfly pea flower and other ingredients to

Earl Grey – GTC Bronze

  Summary: Firsd Tea’s version of this classic tea shines with a burst of color from real orange peel

Award-Winning Teas

– Prized Teas Sure To Be Crowd-Pleasers – – Celebrate great tea with Firsd Tea’s 2018 Global Tea

Developing A Tea Program

Whether  you have an existing tea program to revive or need to create a new tea program, Firsd