Summary: Firsd Tea’s sencha green tea is grown in Yiwu and Yuhang Counties in Zhejiang Province in China.

Beautiful Specialty Tea Beverage Innovations

One of the major drivers of out-of-home tea consumption is the specialty tea beverage. From the more familiar

Cannabidiol (CBD) Tea

Product Description: Firsd Tea’s CBD tea is a blend of green tea, herbal ingredients, natural flavorings, and CBD.

Sapphire Blue

Product Description: Sapphire Blue employs the unique properties of the blue butterfly pea flower to create a naturally

Amethyst Butterfly

Product Description: Amethyst Butterfly tea dazzles the senses with a vibrant purple cup and a rich spectrum of

Emerald Green

Product Description: Emerald Green employs the unique properties of the blue butterfly pea flower and other ingredients to

Earl Grey – GTC Bronze

  Summary: Firsd Tea’s version of this classic tea shines with a burst of color from real orange peel

Award-Winning Teas

– Prized Teas Sure To Be Crowd-Pleasers – – Celebrate great tea with Firsd Tea’s 2018 Global Tea

Decaffeination And Decaf Teas

Often overlooked, decaf teas have enjoyed steady popularity as an alternative for those seeking to reduce their daily

Jasmine Teas

Summary: Firsd Tea’s jasmine green teas are produced in Zhejiang Province, China. Jasmine green is available in pearl