Tea Safety: Lead In Tea

As far back as Roman times, lead has been known to cause health problems. In more modern times,

Starve Your Distractions FEED Your Focus with MATCHA!

Starve Your Distractions FEED Your Focus with MATCHA!

“Tea is the elixir of life!” -Lao Tzu

Some people say, one has to travel, either the body or the soul. While our soul is 100%

Growing U.S. Demand for Specialty Green Tea

U.S. consumers have traditionally favored black tea more than specialty green tea. In fact, black tea consumption constitutes

Matcha an Enduring Trend Industry Experts Say

Matcha, the shade-grown powdered tea at the center of the Japanese tea ceremony, is experiencing a global resurgence.

RTD Tea Sales Increase Globally, Poised for Innovation

Market research firm Canadean recently released a report underscoring the growth of RTD tea globally. In particular, growth

Firsd Tea Announces Private Label Program

Continuing our parent company’s history as a world leader in specialty tea, Firsd Tea has been pleased to

Firsd Tea Launches New Website

We are pleased to announce the launch of a new Firsd Tea website at www.FirsdTea.com! This is part

Tea of the Month (December)- 20% Off Select Premium Gift Teas

Happy holidays! To usher in the holiday season, we are launching the first of what will become a


Coffee vs. Tea, the age old opinionated battle hits as close to the heartstrings as cats vs. dogs.