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Customer Support

How do I place an order with Firsd Tea?
Our catalog is available for download here. To place an order, you may contact us today at 302-322-1255. Also you can contact us using the  contact form

What is the typical turnaround time for Firsd Tea orders?
The turnaround time for orders can vary depending on quantity and availability. However, because we warehouse and actively manage inventory at our U.S. office, we greatly reduce typical lead times experienced in international tea shipments.

Is Firsd Tea a direct supplier or a middleman?
Firsd Tea North America, LLC is the subsidiary and U.S. office of Zhejiang Tea Group, Ltd, China’s largest tea exporter and the world leader in green tea exports. Zhejiang Tea Group owns over 10,000 high altitude tea farms throughout China. As a result, Firsd Tea is not a middleman- Firsd Tea customers have the benefit of procuring tea directly from the source, greatly reducing price and ensuring high quality and consistency.

Quality Control

Are Firsd Tea products organic?
Firsd Tea offers a large selection of certified organic teas. In addition, Firsd Tea offers Rainforest Alliance and Kosher certified options.

Do you provide certificates of analysis (COA’s) and specification sheets ?
Yes, we always supply COAs and specification sheets upon customer’s request.


What is the minimum order quantity (MOQ) for bulk tea purchasing ?
The MOQ is for bulk tea purchasing is one case.

Private Label

What is the minimum purchase quantity (MOQ) for private label orders?
The MOQ for all private label orders is 20,000 units of each variety. If this exceeds your capacity, contact us to discuss special arrangements.

What is the typical pricing for private label orders ?
Price for private label orders depends on several factors including tea ingredients, tea type, packaging, and quantity. Our minimum order is 20,000 units of each variety.

Do you provide certifications specific to the tea ?
Yes, we always supply the specified certifications pertaining to the tea/product upon customer’s request.