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Firsd Tea Announces Private Label Program

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Continuing our parent company’s history as a world leader in specialty tea, Firsd Tea has been pleased to serve U.S. customers during the course of the past three years. As we conclude another terrific year and are set to commence on an even better new year, we are seeking to expand our reach beyond wholesale bulk. We are offering product development and private label services.


Parent company Zhejiang Tea Group has built over 10 tea processing facilities including a state of the art tea extraction facility as well as a de-caffeination site. This infrastructure allows us to offer a host of services spanning product development and private label.


We have successfully developed private label brands for many leading companies across a number of industries and categories including:

  • Natural and organic brands
  • Foodservice
  • Major supermarkets and retailers


As tea sales are expected to double in the U.S. over the next 5 years, more and more companies will begin to develop ways to capitalize on this growth. Interestingly, this growth is not exhibited in a single tea category but among a number of categories including: RTD, foodservice, specialty and retail.


We have the capability to serve you through every stage of the development cycle, from initial ideation to a finished product. We can support any application or requirement including:


Bagged Tea

  • Chambered tea bags
  • Round tea bags
  • Iced tea bags
  • Pyramid tea bags
  • Rectangular tea bags


Exterior Packaging

  • Canister
  • Box
  • Standup Pouch



  • Molds available for immediate bottle production
  • Can develop custom molds and bottle design
  • Can produce any tea including: green, white, black, oolong, scented, blended
  • A number of sweeteners available
  • Liquid concentrates and powdered extracts also available


With state of the art facilities, our capacity includes over 2 million tea bags per day! To learn more about our private label program, download our catalog here.


Email us at or give us a call today to discuss your project, 302-322-1255.

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