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Firsd Tea Selection

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Firsd Tea prides itself on offering the best selection of Chinese teas. We offer a full range of teas – dozens of green teas (like dragon well/long jing and jasmine teas), to wulong/oolong, to pu’erh (dark teas). Conventional, organic, Fair Trade versions of teas are available. Additionally, these Chinese teas can come in different leaf grades so that you can find the optimal combination of quality, price, and leaf size for your custom blending.

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Black Teas

Earl Grey – GTC Bronze Medalist

Green Teas

Gunpowder 3505
Jasmine Teas

Decaf Teas

Decaf Teas

Herbal Teas

Amethyst Butterfly
Emerald Green
Sapphire Blue

Iced Teas

Toasted Puerfection – GTC Judge’s Choice

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