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Gunpowder 3505

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Firsd Tea’s Gunpowder 3505 is a green tea made from the finest green tea leaves from Zhejiang Province in China. The tea is named “Gunpowder” because the leaves are tightly rolled into pearl shaped pellets that resemble gunpowder and the infusion has a distinct smoky character. It’s also the main ingredient of the famous Moroccan Mint green tea.

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Tea Name(s):
Gunpowder 3505


Grown in Shaoxing County, Zhejiang Province. Manufactured in our Zhejiang Hua Da factory.

Conventional, USDA organic, Rainforest, and Kosher certified

Leaf grade, or description:

Tightly rolled green leaves – a dark green-gray in color

Cupping notes:

Earthy, slightly smoky, with mineral character. Moderate astringency gives it a slightly sharp body. The aftertaste swings toward a soft honeyed sweetness.

How it is used (e.g. in blends):

The most common use of Gunpowder is for Moroccan Mint Tea. Various formulations have been developed using spearmint, peppermint, or some of both. Ratios of mint-to-tea leaf vary greatly by producer.

Alternative or comparable teas:

Few if any teas bear close resemblance to the combination of leaf and cupping qualities that gunpowder displays.

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Freshly Made Gunpowder from Hua Da factory

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