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Firsd Tea offers Chinese Keemun black tea in multiple grades, including Keemun 1243, 1254, 1265, 1276, and Keemun fannings. These black teas are known for their bright finish, slightly smoky/toasty aroma, a sweeter taste than some other black teas, and coppery color. Higher grades exhibit more of the characteristic sweet raisin and cocoa elements. Keemuns are stand-alone single origin teas and can often be used in black tea blends, including breakfast teas, earl grey, and iced teas.

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Tea Name(s):


Keemun is produced in Qimen, Dongzhi, Guichi, Shitai, and Yixiang counties of Anhui province, and Fuliang of Jiangxi province.

Please inquire about: Conventional, Decaffeinated, USDA organic, Rainforest, Fair Trade, and Kosher certified

Leaf grade, or description:

Wiry leaf and leaf portions, depending on the grade chosen. Fannings also available. Color ranges from chestnut to taupe. 

Cupping notes:

Higher quality Keemuns express toasty character combined with a raisin/currant sweet flavor and soft cocoa. Look for bright, coppery colors with good clarity. Relatively smooth with a bright finish.

How it is used (e.g. in blends):

Keemuns are often used in black tea blends, including many breakfast blends and some iced tea blends. Those with richer aromas and flavor profiles can stand alone as excellent single-origin black teas.

Alternative or comparable teas:
Firsd Tea offers a range of Keemuns, including Keemun 1243, 1254, 1265, 1276, and Keemun fannings. This range of Keemuns offers quality grades suitable for single origin specialty teas, tea blends, and iced tea blends.

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Firsd Tea Keemun tea field in Qimen County.

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