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Product Development / Private Label

Product development, tea blending, RTD, private label

Private Label

Firsd Tea’s expert team is equipped to develop your private label brand 

Ingredient Procurement
Custom Blending
Diverse Packaging Options 
Manufacturing Capabilities- millions of tea bags per day
State-Of-The-Art Manufacturing Machinery
U.S. & China Capabilities

Firsd Tea has developed private label teas and products for many prominent brands and major grocery retailers throughout the world. We are able to develop various products and private label items including:

Ready-To-Drink (RTD)
bagged and specialty tea blends
iced tea blends – commercial grade and food-service

We are uniquely able to serve clients because of our extensive infrastructure including

over 135,000 acres of tea farm, including over 10,000 acres of certified organic farm
18 processing facilities, including CO2 decaffeination
extensive R&D labs

Additionally, our facilities are state-of-the-art and certified for Good Manufacturing Practices by Bureau Veritas and are ISO 9001 certified. We are able to keep costs low as we circumvent the need for intermediaries and middlemen, increasing profitability for clients. In fact, most of our clients sell their tea products for over 100% profit.

Tea Blending (Hot and Iced Tea)

Leveraging the infrastructure and competencies of Zhejiang Tea Group, Firsd Tea offers the highest level of blending and formulation capability for both hot tea and iced tea products. We work with our customers to first define the objectives and desired characteristics of the blend. Then we apply our skill as well as access to a broad, international network of ingredients suppliers. Once a formulation is finalized, we commence production, comparing product outcomes to defined standards to ensure consistency and quality.


The RTD segment is the dominant category in the tea industry comprising over 48% of the industry’s wholesale value, exceeding $5.2 billion. The RTD space will continue to grow rapidly, driven by consumer demand for both convenience and health. As soft drinks and other categories continue to forfeit consumers, the RTD tea category will gain new adopters. Firsd Tea’s facilities and resources provide access to functional ingredients, tea concentrates, and tea powders. Each of these offer distinct benefits in developing RTD formulations. Contact us to learn more about how to best develop your RTD tea.