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Some people say, one has to travel, either the body or the soul. While our soul is 100% dedicated to tea, our body simply naturally wants to be closer to it.

Therefore, we do field trips every year to the origins, to see, to feel and to bring back the spirit. This year we started from China National Tea Museum in Hangzhou, we went to Longjing to see Dragon Well, we went to Fuding to see Fuding White Tea, we went to Anxi to see Tie Kuan Yin, we went to Zhangping to see Zhangping Shui Xian, we went to Qimen to see Keemun Black, we went to Jingdezhen to see chinaware, then we circled back to Hangzhou to attend China Supplier Conference organized by Ethical Tea Partnership.

This trip is beyond what words and pictures can explain, but we want to share with you so you can feel the spirit and know what we always strive to provide with you. :)
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#tea #oolongtea #greentea #blacktea #whitetea #organic #freshcrop #springtea #Chinese #FirsdTea #tealovers

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