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Developing A Tea Program

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Whether  you have an existing tea program to revive or need to create a new tea program, Firsd Tea offers high quality leaf, and award-winning blends to help your business respond to the rising expectations of new and veteran tea drinkers. We invite you to explore our TEA PROGRAM and sample our TEA BLENDS.

Reasons To Develop A Tea Program

Tea drinking tends to increase in the latter half of the day, as THIS National Coffee Association research reveals.

Younger consumers are as likely to drink tea as coffee, and they are more likely to prefer premium or specialty coffees and teas, including herbal teas and teas with functional (health) benefits.

As covered HERE, mainstream coffee retailers are improving their tea menus with a more premium selection of teas.

Trends like MATCHA attract new tea drinkers and create new taste experiences (like matcha lattes), new drink formats, and new benefits.

What A Tea Program Does For You

Delight your customers with the teas they have come to love and expect. A good tea program consists of a curated collection of the perennial classics and popular new teas

Provide the look, taste, and quality they expect – tea drinkers expect a cut above the teas they can find on the grocery shelf

Tea programs give you the teas you need to create a selection of beverage options, including iced teas, tea lattes, and mocktails. Don’t forget the many CULINARY USES OF MATCHA.

Tea Programs From Firsd Tea Give You

Delight – beautiful teas that create enjoyment

Quality – certified and assured from source to packaging

Distinction – creative blends that stand apart, including award-winning teas

Control – over procurement, production, and price

Compliance – meeting or exceeding standards for safety, freshness, and value

View our new and classic blends HERE, including Peach Mango Green, Chamomile Lemon, and our award-winning Earl Grey.

Download an introduction to our tea program HERE.

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