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Red Tea | 红茶 | Hóng Chá

Originally called red tea by the Chinese, to represent the apple red color of the tea liquor when brewed, this tea is the most widely consumed around the world. When it was first produced and exported, Red Tea became wildly popular in Europe, but somewhere along translation, the Western tea drinkers began to call it Black Tea. In true Chinese fashion, the original Chinese tea growers did not correct their European customers for the misnomer. In North America today, red tea is called black tea. Southern Sweet Tea and most of America’s favorite teas are black teas.


Red Tea is fully fermented, meaning the tea leaves undergo much more fermentation than Oolong tea.  This completely changes the flavor, leaving little to no bitterness or tannins. The fragrance is bold and the tea has an almost honey-like sweetness.


The color red reminds one of passion – both love and anger – power, heat and intensity. Red is your color tea if you are emboldened by your emotions. Just like the fermentation process adds complexity to the tea, your passion influences your mood and opinion. You have the power to love and hate the same thing, and are often changing your mind in the heat of the moment.


Luckily for you, Red Tea is good for your blood pressure and heart health. If your emotions are raging, sit back and drink a cup of Red Tea to help you come back to equilibrium.


Try the delicious Keemun Black, a favorite of the British Royal House, or Fuliang Black Tea to experience your true tea flavor.


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