Toasted Puerfection: GTC Judge’s Choice

T o a s t e d P u e r f e c t i o n : G T C J u d g e s C h o i c e

Firsd Tea is pleased to announce the debut of our award-winning iced tea, Toasted Puerfection.

Toasted Puerfection took the 2018 Global Tea Championship Judge’s Choice Award for small batch flavored pu’er.

Scott Svihula, one of the judges of the competition, commented on the medal-worthy caliber of the iced tea:

Svihula said two exceptionally good teas did not fit into a category or did not medal in a category, but were medal-worthy. These garnered Judges Choice awards: SerendipiTea with Jasmine Green (Bagged Green Blended) and Firsd Tea North America LLC with Toasted Pu-erfection (Small Batch Flavored Pu-erh).

Toasted Puerfection combines Brazilian yerba mate and Chinese puerh to fuse South American and SE Asian character for a decadent iced tea or iced latte drink.

For more info or to request a sample, please contact:

Firsd Tea North America
Phone: 201-528-7916