Launch of Tea Program for Coffee, Retail, and Foodservice

L a u n c h o f T e a P r o g r a m f o r C o f f e e , R e t a i l , a n d F o o d s e r v i c e


Firsd Tea North America, Announces Launch of Tea Program for Coffee, Retail, and Foodservice

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Firsd Tea is pleased to introduce our new premium leaf tea program of quality, healthy, and great tasting teas for a growing number of demanding tea consumers. The program brings these teas to restaurants, cafes, supermarkets, and convenience stores looking for better ways to respond to the rising demand for a superior tea experience.

“Firsd Tea’s new tea program will put retail and foodservice businesses on track to attract new and veteran tea drinkers,” explains Shengyuan Chen, Executive Director of Firsd Tea North America. Trends among younger consumers and feedback from coffee shop regulars shows high expectations for tea. These consumers are as likely to order tea as coffee for several good reasons. Teas deliver the wider range of taste experiences and functional benefits they want. Lower caffeine levels of teas, particularly herbal teas, allow calming respites for greater relaxation. Business love teas because growth in tea sales is outpacing coffee. Classic iced teas, tea lattes and tea cocktail beverages also provide multiple formats for enjoying distinctive tea beverages.

Teas included in the program include curated classics like a premium breakfast blend and our Global Tea Championship bronze medalist Earl Grey. Healthy green teas include Peach Mango green tea. Matcha latte continues to grow in popularity and sparks innovative new drink creations. Antioxidant teas, like Peony Ginger Pear and our signature herbal teas, like Red Berry Hibiscus, round out the selection. Teas in the tea program can be served hot or iced. A standout among iced teas, the tea program also includes Toasted Puerfection, a 2018 Global Tea Championship Judge’s Choice recipient. Toasted Puerfection combines Brazilian yerba mate and Chinese puerh to fuse South American and SE Asian character for a decadent iced tea or iced latte drink. All teas in the program are designed to delight customers, create value, assure quality, and comply with the highest standards of safety and freshness.

Firsd Tea North America has been providing teas and tea solutions to the US and Canada since 2012. Parent company Zhejiang Tea Group is China’s largest tea exporter, controling production of over 135,000 acres of tea, and operating multiple tea manufacturing and decaf facilities.

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