NCH007 Blue Butterfly Flower

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Blue Butterfly Flower

Firsd Tea’s NCH007 BLUE BUTTERFLY FLOWER has gained substantial popularity due to its versatility in tea beverages and cooking. A notable attribute of blue butterfly is its ability to change color. Add a couple drops of lemon/lime juice and the drink changes from blue, to purple, to pink.

Blending blue butterfly with other ingredients, like green tea or hibiscus creates even more colors. It adds little to no flavor or aroma to the infusion, making it an ideal natural colorant.

Caffeine free. Allergen free. Non-GMO.

  • Craft brewers use 1-2 lbs per bbl to add purple, pink, or blue color to beer and hard seltzer
  • Tea blends use blue butterfly to create color changes with hibiscus, lemon and other botanicals
  • Blue butterfly has been used for generations in authentic SE Asian cuisines


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