Speak Out Against Proposed 25% Tariff on Chinese Teas

S p e a k O u t A g a i n s t P r o p o s e d 2 5 % T a r i f f o n C h i n e s e T e a s

June 10: Due date for requests to appear at public hearing
June 17: Due date for written comments

We invite you to add your public comment to USTR 2019-0004-0001 and the proposed tariff on Chinese tea.


Read the proposed regulation, and add comment and request a hearing:
Please read the site guidelines carefully for submitting successful comment and to request a hearing.

Firsd Tea has created this downloadable template for your convenience in submitting comment:

PDF version:

Firsd Tea supports the work of the Tea Association of the US and their efforts to speak out against imposing tariffs on Chinese tea imports. We have provided comment and submitted a request for hearing at the 17 June session that will determine whether to impose 25% tariffs on Chinese teas and some $300 billion in other goods.

We are reaching out to you, our customers, to invite you to submit comment to the US Trade Representative (USTR), to contact your elected representatives, and to further raise public awareness of the wide-ranging damage this tariff will have on the US tea industry and the economy.

The US consumed over 84 billion servings of tea in 2018 alone, and over half of Americans drink tea daily. Many of these servings contain Chinese teas, especially in the case of premium and specialty teas. The effects of a prolonged or lasting tariff on Chinese tea will harm US tea companies, small businesses, and consumers.

In addition to supporting our customers by providing a voice of opposition, Firsd Tea is making preparations to increase our inventory in advance of any tariff going into effect. Firsd Tea is the largest importer of Chinese specialty teas and Chinese matcha in the US, with both East and West coast warehousing facilities. Our current inventory and containers on the water mean we do not intend to raise prices on this available inventory. We are hopeful that cooler heads will prevail and that a speedy resolution to trade disputes is achievable. If negotiations break off or extend over a longer term, Firsd Tea will seek alternative solutions before a last-option decision to pass price increases to customers.

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Jason Walker
Marketing Director