Tea Craft Inspiration: Bolero Snort’s Aeromancer

T e a C r a f t I n s p i r a t i o n : B o l e r o S n o r t s A e r o m a n c e r

Cooler temps call out for the warm spice notes of the season, and Bolero Snort‘s Aeromancer delivers with a blast of masala chai.



The elements of this beer include:

IMPERIAL PASTRY STOUT: The dark color and sweetness we all know and love from dessert and pastry stouts.

CHAI: The spices of chai tea are often seen in a range of desserts, and include cinnamon, cardamom, and ginger.

VANILLA: Chai black tea mixes often include vanilla, but this stout adds a touch more flavor.



Description from Bolero Snort’s 20 Oct 2023 newsletter:

“Brewed with Masala Chai from our friends at Firsd Tea – we cold-steeped 10 pounds of it in filtered water for 48 hours, giving the stout a big tea firmness and an enhanced, vibrant spiced note. That Masala Chai actually ended up being 7% of the total volume of this beer!

Towards the end of the brewing process we sent a breeze of vanilla into the mix in order to balance the already lush flavors and inch the brew closer to the taste of a well-loved fall beverage…

Think Spiked Vanilla Chai Tea Latte — a warming, spicy black tea whisked into a vanilla cream tornado.”