Tea Craft Inspiration: Hackensack Brewery’s All That Jazz

T e a C r a f t I n s p i r a t i o n : H a c k e n s a c k B r e w e r y s A l l T h a t J a z z

Hackensack Brewery recently launched All That Jazz, a lager infused with Firsd Tea’s organic jasmine green tea.

All That Jazz, Hackensack Brewery


Hackensack Brewery builds upon its proven and popular pilsner as the base for All That Jazz.

Firsd Tea’s Organic Jasmine Bouquet is put to good effect. Its floral fragrance crowns the experience. The result is smooth and balanced: a far cry from perfumy or having a bouquet shoved up the nose. The jasmine notes kick in mid- to back- palate to offer an even more mellowed experience.

John removes the spent tea, Hackensack Brewery


The Hackensack guys know a thing or two about pilsners, as their Parking Lot Pilz is a crowd favorite.

The trick with incorporating tea in beer, like many other ingredients, is quantity and time. Without giving away any secrets, Hackensack Brewery and Firsd Tea worked together to draw out the best the tea had to offer without discoloring the lager or allowing some of the harsher aspects of the tea to come out. When chilled, the jasmine green tea notes are soft and intensify as the glass approaches room temperature.

Thanks to Mike, John, Kenny, and the rest of the team for this successful collaboration!