Tea Craft Inspiration: Hill Farmstead’s Nonconformist 04

T e a C r a f t I n s p i r a t i o n : H i l l F a r m s t e a d s N o n c o n f o r m i s t 0 4

Hill Farmstead’s preeminent position as one of the top craft brewers in the US offers a powerful example of what happens when you put tea + beer in the hands of skilled craftspeople. Consider: Nonconformist 04


Courtesy: Untappd

From the Hill Farmstead blog:

This whimsical Farmstead® India Pale Ale was brewed with organically grown malts and hopped—then dry-hopped—with Citra® and Hersbrucker, as well as organically grown, ceremonial grade matcha from China, sourced by Firsd Tea. Conditioned in oak barrels for six months, it has been allowed more than 18 months of bottle conditioning before release.


Many people expect beers made with matcha to take on a bright green color similar to that of matcha. The matcha itself is a fine powder that doesn’t dissolve or stay in suspension, but the bright, clean flavor of the matcha can truly shine. Hill Farmstead’s commitment to using organic ingredients is also noteworthy. It is said that owner Shaun Hill throws away more good beer that doesn’t meet his high expectations than some other craft brewers make.