Tea Craft Inspiration: J’aime Sparked Seltzer from Forgotten Boardwalk

T e a C r a f t I n s p i r a t i o n : J a i m e S p a r k e d S e l t z e r f r o m F o r g o t t e n B o a r d w a l k


Forgotten Boardwalk’s J’aime Sparked Seltzer is an award-winning hard seltzer made with tangerine, hibiscus, and white tea. Untappd members give it generally high (3.55) ratings among hard seltzers, and appreciate its crisp notes of apple and pear.


J’aime sparked seltzer is a hard tea seltzer made with:

  • hibiscus
  • white tea – e.g. FIrsd Tea’s OCW004 Bai Mu Dan 6900
  • tangerine

The seltzer’s character are described as a tangerine rosé.


J’aime took the silver medal in the inaugural 2019 Hard Seltzer Festival in Denver. Among hundreds of entrants, J’aime took high remarks in the Judge’s Choice for Brewed for brewed hard seltzer.