Tea Craft Inspiration: Japas Cervejaria’s Matsurika

T e a C r a f t I n s p i r a t i o n : J a p a s C e r v e j a r i a s M a t s u r i k a

Japas Cervejaria celebrates its Nipo-Brazilian heritage with Matsurika. The company, founded by 3 Japanese-Brazilian women brewers, looks to combine the best of the 2 cultures of their shared identity.



Credit: Untappd.com

The elements of this beer include:

PILSEN: Clean, light lagers are ideal for incorporating tea and botanicals.

JASMINE FLOWER: Again- pure simple ingredients that yield clean flavor.



The tightrope brewers walk demands balance between creating beers with distinctive characteristics while still maintaining the core craft beer experience. Firsd Tea is here to help brewers find that fine line.