Zhejiang Xinghe Tea Extraction

Z h e j i a n g X i n g h e T e a E x t r a c t i o n

In addition to being the world’s largest green tea exporter and a major contributor to China’s status as the world’s largest tea exporter, Zhejiang Tea Group (ZJTea) is proud to offer decaffeination and extraction products through our dedicated facilities.

DOWNLOAD: Firsd Tea Standardized Tea Ingredients Info Sheet

Our extraction facility has been in operation since 2007 and was originally a joint venture with Tata Global Beverage. Located 50 miles outside of Hangzhou, China, the facility’s annual output is estimated at 2,000 tons of tea extract.


ZJTea’s extraction facility produces EU compliant products without the use of chloroform and with no non-organic residues. ISO testing procedures are followed for raw materials, packaging materials, production & processing. Finished products are again tested according to ISO standards.

The extraction facility is FSSC22000 certified, and produces certified kosher and halal products.


1. Tea Concentrates
– Cold Water Soluble (CWS) green tea powder
– Highly Clarified (HC) cold water soluble green tea powder
– Cold Water Soluble (CWS) black tea powder

2. Instant tea(s)

3. Tea polyphenols, including:
– EC
– GC

4. L-theanine: a free amino acid usually constituting 1-2% the the dry weight of tea leaves

5. Extracts for food and cosmetic products

6. Instant powders:

7. Made-to-order extracts:
– arctium lappa
– radix pueraria
– licorice
– chrysanthemum
– rose
– roselle
– honeysuckle
– monk fruit
– red date
– orange peel
– barley
– genmai
– bitter buckwheat
– semen cassia
– lotus leaf
– lophatherum gracile
– loquat leaf
– mulberry leaf
– houttuynia cordata
– grass jelly
– herbal mix
– compound roselle