October = Fair Trade + Tea Projects

O c t o b e r = F a i r T r a d e + T e a P r o j e c t s

October is Fair Trade month, which is a great time to celebrate the efforts of sustainable tea businesses, the lives of tea workers, and the consumers who show their love for Fair Trade teas.

Fair Trade teas are especially important to China and Firsd Tea, as history has shown a trend of China producing nearly half of all Fair Trade Tea brought into the US:

Our customers, from brewers to tea packers, use Fair Trade and sustainable teas because doing so is:

  • Morally Right – It’s the right approach for our Earth and future generations.
  • Good Economics – Sustainable tea continues to be an economic driver for millions living in poverty.
  • Smart Business – Consumers seek and trust brands committed to sustainability.

At their most basic levels, sustainability initiatives seek to align continued activities that mutually benefit or protect the economy, society, and the environment. Organizations may differ on how to achieve these goals and benefits.

One good place to start is the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals, which sets 17 different objectives to attaining improved sustainability.

Some of those goals include:

  • ending poverty
  • improving clean water and sanitation
  • sustainable cities and communities
  • responsible consumption and production

By partnering with government and business, the Chinese tea industry has been steadily improving its work to become one of the most wide-scale and sustainable agro-industries in the country.

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Fair Trade has been working with China’s tea industry to further the Fair Trade sustainability goals of promoting sustainable livelihoods and environmental protection. As such, Fair Trade has contributed to:

  • reducing poverty
  • improving drinking water and sanitation

Fair Trade recently highlighted the importance of Fair Trade tea to kombucha, brewers

Fair Trade programs in China align with China’s domestic programs for agricultural and rural development. Some of the targeted areas related to sustainability include:

  • poverty alleviation
  • technological innovation
  • rural development and new industry

Together, Fair Trade and China’s domestic programs have shaped China into a leader in sustainable tea agriculture.

Please contact Firsd Tea to learn more about our Fair Trade tea program: