Green Palmer: Organic Sencha Green Tea Lemonade

G r e e n P a l m e r : O r g a n i c S e n c h a G r e e n T e a L e m o n a d e

This spin on the classic Arnold Palmer swaps the usual black tea for green to give a brighter, healthier glow to a warm weather favorite.

A light Green Palmer with Organic Sencha


2 parts green tea (using Firsd Tea’s Organic Sencha 8911, below)

1 part lemonade (see below)

Deceivingly simple, this basic drink creates a foundation for endless variations, including:

  • add mint syrup or garnish with mint leaves
  • add a splash of mango flavored syrup
  • use peach syrup or a slice of peach
  • add raspberry syrup or add a couple of fresh raspberries
  • garnish with a fresh strawberry
  • garnish with a cucumber slice
  • add a sprig of cilantro

In colder months, the Green Palmer can also work as the starting point for a cold-soothing hot beverage with mint and honey

Optional: You can also create concentrates of the green tea and lemonade in advance


Yield: 1 gallon

1 ounce (approx 28 grams) of Organic Sencha 8911

0.5 gallon hot (195 F degrees) water

0.5 gallon cool water

  • Combine tea leaves with hot water
  • Steep for 7 minutes and remove tea leaves
  • Add 0.5 gallons of cool water, or retain the 0.5 gallon hot as a tea concentrate


Yield: 1 gallon

2 cups sugar

2 cups lemon juice

1 cup hot water

  • Combine ingredients into 1 gallon container
  • Mix thoroughly
  • Add cold water to reach 1 gallon, or to 0.5 gallon to use as a concentrate