Tea Beer Ratios: Organic Sencha + Mango + Lager

T e a B e e r R a t i o s : O r g a n i c S e n c h a + M a n g o + L a g e r

The soft mineral, lightly grassy notes of Chinese sencha, along with its gentle astringent bite top off the fruity mango character and the core lager attributes.


4 oz lager, or other light/mild beer

1 gram of OCG009 Organic Sencha 8911 green tea

0.5 Tbsp Aseptic Fruit Puree mango puree


  1. Combine 4 oz lager (or other beer with light/mild character) with 1 gram Organic Sencha 8911 into a French press or similar container
  2. Place the beer + tea leaves in the refrigerator overnight
  3. Check the tea leaves periodically to make sure they remain submerged during this steeping process
  4. Strain off the infused beer, and stir in the puree


1 BBL beer

2 lbs OCG009 Organic Sencha 8911

2.6 lbs Aseptic Fruit Puree peach puree

* Estimated. Actual measures will vary based on type of beer used and desired results.


The mild astringency and herbaceousness of the sencha is key to defining the sequential layers of the grainy/hoppy lager and the sweet/sour fruitiness of the mango.

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