Cold-Hopped Organic Yunnan 6112 + Cascade

C o l d - H o p p e d O r g a n i c Y u n n a n 6 1 1 2 + C a s c a d e

The rising demand for non-alcoholic drink alternatives has created a wonderful opportunity for the inclusion of tea. One such trend is the increasing popularity of hopped tea- teas that include the aromatic hop traits often found in IPAs and other beers. Canned versions of hopped tea are already available (with varying degrees of hop intensity), but nothing beats the cool, clean character of freshly cold-steeped tea with the right amount of hops.

Courtesy: Yakima Valley Hops

Our friends at Yakima Valley Hops sent us some some Cascade hops to experiment with. Cascade comes alive with zesty grapefruit flavor due to its high levels of myrcene oil. It lends a pleasant and balanced bitter, and the citrus is backed by some soft floral and spice to round out the profile. Cascade is often the powerhouse of hop of pale ales.

Firsd Tea’s OCB004 Organic Yunnan 6112 gives notes of raisin and honey. The silken texture distinguishes Yunnan black teas from brisker black teas that often carry a sharper, more astringent bite. Yunnan black teas also add malty notes, smooth texture, and slight sweetness.


3* grams of Firsd Tea OCB004 Organic Yunnan 6112

0.5* grams Cascade hops pellets from Yakima Valley Hops

6* oz cool (35-45 F) water

Steep time: 45 – 60 minutes

Organic Yunnan 6112

With a fine paper or mesh strainer, pour liquid off the spent leaves and hops. Serve thoroughly chilled, preferably without ice (as it will dilute the flavor and aromatics).

* Increase to 15 grams of dry tea leaf per carafe (750 mL) of water with the same ratio of hops and steep time


Organic Yunnan black teas pair excellently with hops because the bitterness of the hops on the back end hits nearly simultaneously as the sweet aftertaste of the tea to achieve a very balanced, bittersweet effect.