Tea Craft Inspiration: Seven Tribesmen’s Parting Shot

T e a C r a f t I n s p i r a t i o n : S e v e n T r i b e s m e n s P a r t i n g S h o t

Is hibiscus too tart to go in a sour? Not if combined with blueberry in Parting Shot– a fruited sour from the skilled brewers at Seven Tribesmen.



The elements of this beer include:

SOUR: Popular fruited sours can include raspberry, blueberry and cherry, but this one goes a step further.

BLUEBERRY: A good addition for both sweetness and color.

HIBISCUS: Hibiscus provides both fruity tartness and rich red color.



Hibiscus really makes Parting Shot pop. The rich red color stands out to give this beverage a fruit-punchy look that makes it both inviting and refreshing.