Tea Craft Inspiration: Icarus Brewing’s I Life Tangerine Bergamot

T e a C r a f t I n s p i r a t i o n : I c a r u s B r e w i n g s I L i f e T a n g e r i n e B e r g a m o t

Icarus Brewing welcomes the return of their I Life Tangerine, an American lager with tangerines and bergamot tea.



The elements of this beer include:

LAGER: Icarus brewed this American lager with German Pilsen malt and domestic corn. They lightly hopped it with New Zealand Taiheke.

TANGERINE: Described as incorporating “a ton of fresh tangerine zest”

BERGAMOT TEA: If bergamot tea doesn’t sound familiar, think Earl Grey tea. The citrus flavor and aroma of Earl Grey tea comes from the bergamot citrus.



Untappd reviews describe the citrus and tea notes as light, but generally a well-received highlight. For those wishing to go bigger and bolder with tea flavor, it is often the case that carbonation and colder temperatures will soften the layers of flavor in the final pour. Firsd Tea is here to help brewers find the flavors and intensities they seek- be they light or bold.